Trevor Smith

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Owner, Blue Sky Consulting


Trevor Smith is the owner of Blue Sky Consulting, a training and consulting business. His background is in therapeutic recreation, and he is now a certified laughter leader. This means he provides “training and workshops for organizations on how to use humor and laughter in the workplace.” He does workshops and seminars to “get people to lighten up and connect with each other through laughter” while also teaching the importance of laughter and humor in both the workplace and everyday life.

For Smith, the positives that came out of having a learning difference include being more aware of relationships, being more sensitive to other people, and having the creativity to get through any challenge. He also says, “for me, I think with having dyslexia you kind of see the world in a different way.”

Smith has dyslexia, saying, “I’ve been through that journey of being diagnosed, going through school and life with dyslexia, and dealing with everything that comes with that.” Growing up, dyslexia affected him in a number of ways both socially and academically. Reading was a big challenge, but Smith says his “family was fortunate enough to have the resources to put me in some really good schools to help me with that.” Smith was able to overcome many of the obstacles he ran into because he, “had really good teachers in school, had a good support network, and was just really determined to succeed…so I persevered, and I made the best out of my situation.”

Smith’s advice to younger generations with learning differences is “to really get into a strong support network,” and “to never give up, and be really resilient.” He says, “we all have strengths and things that we’re good at, and I think people with dyslexia don’t really see that.” Focusing on your strengths rather than weaknesses can help to overcome any challenges.

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